As VOID LOOP ( ), the producer and sound designer Markus Wutzlhofer & drummer Jan Slak play “Live-Techno”, a journey through a sea of pitch black basses, waves of crystalline melodies and simmering grooves. Whilst simultaneously soulful and punchy, both musicians create their own elated interpretation of club music.

The intriguing mixture of electronic and acoustic percussion, analog synthesizers and digital sequencers, produces the distinctive sound of VOID LOOP ( ). Markus and Jan are sampling and digitally modifying percussion elements, self-constructed instruments and repurposed ordinary objects.  Crisp textures melt with the sound of the compelling kick drum to create a holistic warmth of sound. Not only does this provide a unique and exciting performance, but also creates a traction to the dance floor.

A live set by VOID LOOP ( ) takes the listener on a voyage through House, Break Beat, Techno and Funk. Their blend of full-bodied melodies and complex grooves always envokes that comforting feeling of nostalgia.